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Paying your sellers should be as easy as charging a card. We want to build an API that pushes money to debit cards. Customers will no longer have to fish for their checkbooks and look for bank account information. Before we start building, we want to prove there's real demand from the community. Support the project by prepaying your fees, and you'll get a discount and early access by May 2014.

About Balanced

We're obsessed with all forms of infrastructure, including communications, transportation, energy, waste management, and payments. Robust infrastructure creates a happier, more productive, and more prosperous society. As such, Balanced was created to increase the global economy (increase GDP) by enabling new forms of commerce. That’s why we’re passionately committed to perfecting the payments infrastructure and experience for online marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms.

As an open company, Balanced believes that the voice of our customers and the larger community should be an integral part of the company’s decision-making process. By sharing open-source projects, publishing feature specifications, discussing product roadmaps, and leveraging direct feedback, we can build a better product that addresses the needs of our customers.

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The project

The concept of pushing money to debit cards originated on our balanced-api Github page. When this feature was posited, the community chimed in and shared their enthusiasm and reasoning for this payout method.

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For online marketplaces, sellers depend on having quick access to their funds in order to power their businesses. Balanced currently offers next-day ACH payouts to bank accounts, but the friction of collecting bank account information from sensitive users was still a concern. Sellers also had to contend with delayed payouts as a result of incorrect account and routing numbers. Pushing money to a debit card would make funds more readily availble as a much more convenient and accessible payment alternative.

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How the API call could work
Create card
curl \
    -u <secret_key>: \
    -d number=4342561111111118 \
    -d name=Johannes Bach \
    -d expiration_month=05 \
    -d expiration_year=2017
    "href": "/cards/:card_id",
    "can_credit": true,
    "bank_name": "Wells Fargo",
    "type": "debit",
Pay out to card
curl \
    -u <secret_key>: \
    -d amount=10000
The campaign

The Github conversations were enlightening and insightful, so we wanted to see if there is legitimate demand for the push-money-to-debit-card feature. Before investing time and engineering effort, Balanced will use this campaign to gauge interest. Customers who want this payout method can voice their support by prepaying fees for the push-to-debit-card service as part of the campaign. Once our goal is met, Balanced will commit to building out this feature. The feature will only be available to a limited set of customers as a private beta; prepaying now means you will get early access. Pricing per transaction is determined by the amount you prepay, as outlined in the pricing tiers on the top right.

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